St. Stephen Outreach Ministries is a program designed to serve the many needs of the St. Stephen family and of our surrounding community.  OUTREACH is guided by Board Members and is supported by many volunteers, who give their time and talent to help our brothers and sisters in Christ realize a better life through community wide ministries such as:

Community Life - This ministry provides various organizations with items such as food, clothing, school supplies, and personal care products. Lent and Advent are the 2 main times of the year when drives are held for these items. Additionally, this program provides temporary help to those who need emergency assistance with monthly life giving services.  Our annual Christmas Store is also a very important event that is part of Community Life.  Crisis intervention counseling is also available to qualifying clients through a referral from the Pastor.  Respect Life issues from womb to tomb are addressed in this ministry with help given to J.M.J., B.E.T.A., and also many senior organizations.  The Community of St. Stephen maintains a small food bank that helps families in need of food assistance.

Good Neighbors Program - This ministry is designed to help parishioners and members of our community with transportation and meals and/or other respite care needs. This ministry works closely with the parish nurse program to help meet the needs of the sick, shut-ins and disabled of our parish family and community.

Haiti Project - Provides immediate needs and develops self-sustaining projects for our adopted parish of St. Yves in Jacmel, Haiti.  Areas of support include: Health Care, Economic Development, Education, Evangelism and Youth.  We investigate practical capital projects that will enhance the lives of the local population and improve the local economy and infrastructure.

Hand 'N Hand - This is a faith-based ministry that reaches out to the special needs population in our St. Stephen Parish family and surrounding communities.  We provide fun, activities and friendship in a safe environment filled with love and caring provided by nurturing and dedicated volunteers.  This ministry answers God's call to serve others by fostering compassion and love to his special children.

Paint-Up/Fix-Up/Moves - This ministry offers small repairs to homes and yard work to families and seniors within our community that are in need and unable to do the work themselves. Most of the work is done on weekends with the use of many volunteers.  The fix ups include such things as painting, minor carpentry work, and all types of yard clean up. We also move families having financial difficulty that are seeking a change in housing.

Parish Nurse - The role of the parish nurse is to serve as a liaison of the family of St. Stephen to those who are ill within this family.  This parish nurse will provide health referral information and limited health services to the family, caregiver or the person who is ill in health.  Their role also includes regular contact with the Community Life Coordinator. Click here for additional information.