Funeral information
Our faith tells us that death is not the end, and that Jesus has gone before us to prepare a place for us by his side in heaven. Still, saying Good-bye to someone we love is a sad and difficult time. In order to help us with all the practical decisions that must be faced, this page is offered as a source of information to help prepare us for the many choices that must be dealt with.

Please remember that St. Stephen Catholic Community is here to help you, no matter what the circumstances. No one is denied burial in our church! Fr. John's homily on Nov. 11, 2007, concerning funerals may be found here: Fr. John's Funeral Homily. This is a sound file, may take several minutes to download, and requires a sound player which you should all have built into your computers. If not, contact the webmaster for links to free downloads. Fr. John's written homily can be found here: Written Homily

1. Please do not hesitate to call the Parish or to contact one of our priests. This is your FIRST step. No matter what your situation is, even if you have been away from the Church, even if the death is a suicide, even if you are Catholic and the family member who is dying or has died is not, St. Stephen Catholic Community is here to see you through this time. 407-699-5683
2. After you have contacted the Parish, you will need to deal with a funeral home. Because funeral costs can vary by thousands of dollars, and because this is such a difficult and stressful time, you may want a family member to visit one or more of the websites listed below before any decisions or commitments are made. Calling several funeral homes for cost comparisons is not disrespectful to the person you love. Being aware in advance of your rights and also of the laws that protect you from misleading business practices will help you make wise decisions you will never regret.

Some services offered by the parish community:

  • You may hold both the Wake Service (or visitation) and the Funeral Service in our Chapel or Church.
  • Facilities and volunteers are available for a reception after the services.
  • Our compassionate and experienced St. Stephen Funeral Coordinator will assist you throughout the planning and services.

3. Burial in a casket and cremation are both acceptable for Catholic funerals. The choice is entirely up to you. You do not need to purchase a casket for direct cremation.
4. You have the right to order your own casket, the most expensive single funeral expense. For simple caskets made by Trappist Monks available for immediate delivery, click here. Caskets are also available at Costco. For examples of other options, click here.

Above all, please be aware that our prayers are with you at this time.