W.O.W.S (Women of Wisdom Sharing)

July 9, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Fran or Kathy

This is a friendship and spiritual program for women in their 40’s and up, meeting once a week for 10 weeks, including an introductory prayer meeting and a celebration dinner! The weekly sessions will be held at St. Stephen in Room 127 on Tuesdays at 7 pm. The entire bible study will run from July 9th thru September 9th. The purpose is to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences, as well as growing in one’s faith, while reading a wonderful book related to our lives.

In this unique chocolate – filled women’s Bible study, we’ll explore what is means to live a chocolate life in several ways. During each delicious session, we will look at our lives in the light of God’s grace. Living a chocolate life means sampling everything from bitter nuggets of pain to sweet morsels of joy. Some days are dark and lumpy; others are light and smooth. Whatever the shape, flavor and texture of our days and however our lives are packaged, we can savor God’s rich and endless supply of grace in Christ!

If you interested in joining us on this faith – filled journey, please contact Fran Brown 407 – 760 – 8954 or Kathy Snyder 407 – 756 – 6832.