Faith Formation (P.R.E.P.) Policies & Procedures

Parental Responsibility

In order for a religious education program to be successful in providing a quality and comprehensive experience for the child, the values of our faith must be reflected in the home. The parents are the first and most important teachers and examples of our Catholic beliefs. Regular attendance at Mass is vital to your child’s faith development. Continuous participation in religious education classes through and beyond the sacrament years will nourish their spiritual growth in our Catholic faith.

Formal religious instruction should begin when a child is entering the 1st grade. Pre/K and kindergarten classes are offered, but enrollment in this program is optional.

Registration Requirements

Families enrolling their children for Faith Formation classes must be registered members of the parish. New students enrolling for the first time are asked to provide:

  • Updated Baptismal certificate that includes record of all sacraments to date. OR
  • Completed Baptismal Information form, if baptized at St. Stephen.
  • Letter confirming enrollment and participation in previous parish religious education program.


Regular and routine attendance is expected of all children registered for classes. Attendance at class should be a priority on your child’s scheduled Faith Formation day. We ask that parents respect the timing of the classes and not continually pick up children early or arrive late because of other activities they may be involved in.

Classroom Behavior

Good behavior by the student is expected while in class. If a student’s behavior is continually disruptive to the class after being corrected by the teacher, the student will be removed from class to the Resource Room. If the behavior persists, the parents will be called. Most behavior problems can be corrected through the cooperative efforts of the teacher, parents, and staff.

Homework & Class Materials

Homework is assigned at the discretion of the teacher. Parents should review their child’s workbook and folders after each class to know if work has been assigned and to be familiar with the curriculum. A syllabus for each grade can be obtained from your child’s teacher or from staff in the Resource Room in Enrichment Center 2.

Arrival & Dismissal

Primary (Pre-K – 4th grade) — A parent or guardian is required to escort each of their children to the classroom. Children in these grades may not be dropped off to walk in unescorted.

Primary grade students are to be picked up at their classrooms and signed out in the teacher’s attendance folder.

Intermediate – (5th – 8th grade) — Students can be dropped off to walk in to class at the covered ramp in the parking lot. Parents or guardians of intermediate students are always welcome to park and escort their students to class.

Intermediate grade students are to be picked up at their classrooms and signed out in the teacher’s attendance folder.

Early Pickup – Please notify your child’s teacher upon arrival that you intend to pick them up early. Before proceeding to the classroom for an early pickup, please check in at the Resource Room with a staff member.