Middle School Activities

Middle School Retreats are held once a year for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade youth of our parish. The retreats take place at the beautiful San Pedro retreat center which is nearby to St.Stephen. The day is centered on showing the youth how church activities don’t having to be “boring”  but can actually be FUN and how they are building community among themselves. They hear inspirational talks and the day is filled with lots of fun activities, games, and the true presence of Christ.

Summer Trips – During the summer we have weekly outings to many of our youths’ favorite places in Florida, for beach trips, canoeing, swimming at the local springs, and visiting the area water parks. We also have events with needy children in the community by providing games and activities for them.

Mission Trip – Annually we go on a mission trip through the Catholic Heart Work Camp Program. The trips have been life changing for both the youth as well as the adult chaperone’s. The week is spent reaching out to less fortunate people and the projects vary as much as the people we serve. The camp also allows everyone to deepen their “Catholic” faith with other teens from all over the country. The camp staff have a true gift of engaging our youth and getting them all fired up about their faith and what God has planned for them in their lives. We have many fundraising events toward this trip.

Contact for the Middle School Activities is rileya@st-stephen.com